Dave Evison

Dave Evison

10th Feb, 7.30 pm
$10 members, $15 non-members

The best choice I ever made was to trade my stamp album to my sister for her guitar. Since then, the stamp (and letter) have been consigned to oblivion by the internet age, and folk music has taken over the world, but who would have known that, back then? For me it all started playing Peter, Paul and Mary songs on a half size, nylon stringed Marinucci guitar. I learnt piano in the classical style as well, but fortunately that didn't put me off music for long.

Folk clubs have been a part of my enjoyment of music since high school. In the times before the boom box, IPod and other forms of instant, portable musical gratification, people used to play real music at parties. In my case, that experience has indelibly scorched a few Cat Stevens classics on my memory, and kept me safe from the worst excesses of alcoholic poisoning.

More recently I have come to enjoy a more formal style of musical performance. Folk clubs facilitated the transition, by fostering an environment where music is shared and earnest effort is welcomed more than technical perfection. My greatest musical achievement to date has been sharing a birthday with James Taylor. We also shared the experience of a rapidly receding hairline, but I try not to think about that.

I expect to be joined for part of the evening by some friends who I have met through the Christchurch Folk Club -still working out the details, so more on that later. The programme will include a selection of favourite songs, arranged using a combination of assiduous learning and the musical equivalent of composting. The interpretation of songs gradually changes as you get more comfortable with them, and they with you. The concert will be a mix of new and old, the definition of folk music will be broad, and the general theme will be "Rights, wrongs and love songs". I hope you can be there!

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