Eion Duigan and Jon Sanders

Eoin Duignan and Jon Sanders

3rd Feb - 7.30 pm
$15 members, $20 non-members

The renowned Irish uillean piper and low whistle player Eoin Duignan is to tour NZ in January and February 2013 with international bouzouki, ukulele and guitar player Jon Sanders.

Playing original and traditional compositions, the two musicians blend their reed, wind and stringed instruments, taking audiences on a freewheeling journey over rugged Atlantic coastlines, Kerry mountains, to Britany in France, Galicia in Spain and even as far as the dry dusty Himalayan foothills in Afghanistan.

Eoin and Jon first met in Dingle, Co Kerry 12 years ago. There was an immediate musical rapport between them. They formed the group ARÚ (meaning both before and after in the Irish Language) and Eoin went on to record pipes on Jon Sanders acclaimed album Latitudes while Jon added his unique style to Eoin's Ancient Rite and Lumina albums. They have since co-produced on a wide variety of music and film projects including the release of the single Kachina with Glen Hansard, the Oscar winning star of the movie Once. They toured NZ in 2008 and 2009 funded through the Irish Arts Council to great acclaim and have performed all over Europe and the US.

"If music offers a window to the soul, then that of the piper and low whistle player Eoin Duignan is a kaleidoscopic fanlight into a world where the spirit reigns supreme ", says Siobhán Long of The Irish Times. Eoin's distinctive musical style ranges from haunting slow airs to lively percussive reels and jigs which have enchanted audiences worldwide and set them dancing wherever he has played.

Music critic Mike O'Hare said of Jon's latest album Twigs of the Neem Tree, "a therapeutic journey that shows Jon's love for the guitar, bouzouki and ukulele. If music is indeed therapy then Jon Sanders has a degree in it. The Bard of the Bouzouki and the Duke of Uke," The Irish Times described Jon's music as "A canny musical curiosity that refuses to be boxed in."

The two musicians will perform concerts nationwide starting on January 16th in Keri Keri down as far as Dunedin folk club on February 10th and finishing on Friday February 15th at the Tir na n'Og Auckland Irish Society. Full tour details at Jon's website www.jon-sanders.com then select tour schedule. More press information at info@jon-sanders.com or www.duigo.com.

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