Lutz Keller

Lutz Keller - Strictly Handcrafted

17th February 7.30 pm
$15 members, $20 non-members

At the end of the last century and after many years of playing with local blues and rock bands, and while working with female singer Mea in the acoustic duo "Double Feeling" , Lutz went back to his roots and rediscovered the magic of the acoustic steel string guitar.

Lutz started to write songs that were personal to him, songs that Lutz felt only he could sing, and if there was something that could not be told by words, he just picked up his guitar and composed it his way. Over the years more than 100 songs and finger style tunes came to him, and Lutz has recorded & published four CDs on his own label.

Most of the songs are written in German, some in English, many without words. Lutz is looking forward to sharing his music & bringing a special blend of his songs to you!

Luts's CD: "way to go..." was reviewed by German guitarmagazine "Akustik Gitarre":
"Lutz Keller - a name you should have on the list...", (online-magazine for Jazz, worldmusic, songwriting & more) - "....that's how music should be: Straight from the heart, down to earth, true..."

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