Prez Says

October 2013


Hello All

This hear ye has a great line up of local and national artist. I know every one is going to enjoy making Sunday nights at the club a more regular part of their weekend. To make it even better we are introducing back into the folk club floor spots for club members.

These spots will be availble on the nights of local acts only they are unadvertised, unpaid and will consist of 10-15 min of time. If you want the book a spot please see me or any of your committee to get the ball rolling.

About the committee, at the AGM no one put their hand up for the treasurer position which leaves the club in limbo until the Special General meeting which will be on the 15th June 7pm. Please give it some serious thought because the club has a strong following and it would be a shame to loose it.

On a more cheerful note, The Canterbury festival was a cracker over Easter. Full marks to Sophia and all those involved with the event. All I've heard is great comments about it, even the weather turned it on for us.

So enjoy this winter segment of the hear ye and keep warm.


Folk Club Calendar
Open Mic
14 September - 7.30pm
Entry $5.00, 2 songs per person, please support the raffle
Soul Charge
21st September - 7.30pm
members $8.00
non-members $12.00
Iain Mitchell and Danny Tawhiti
28th September - 7.30pm
members $8.00
non-members $12.00
Supported by Actrix
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