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December 2015


Hello All

Hello all Winter is coming again putting an end to another great summer weather-wise and entertainmentwise. This Hear Ye puts a big focus on local talent including two Open Mics. The last one showed me (in May) that we have plenty of talent and willingness to delight our public. I hope our members attend the AGM on the 12th June to show support to the committee, and hopefully want to join the team to carry on our good work.

We have been getting feedback from our members, some good, some not so good, which is what we asked for to keep us always trying to improve what we do. And again as I said in the last Hear Ye, a big thanks to you all for your understanding of our sound at the gigs, which has improved over the months from when we first used it. Thanks also to Colin Henderson for checking the clubs books again. Volunteers like him keep this club together.

The Canterbury Folk Festival was great success and the work that Sarah O'Brien and her committee put in really showed. The Dressing of the Haggis and the English rebuttal will be a talking point for years to come I'm sure.

Enjoy this line-up and hope to see you at our gigs.

Martin Kraakman


Folk Club Calendar
Gary Elford
21st August - 7.30pm
members $8.00
non-members $12.00
students $5.00
Jeff Bell and Colin Henderson
28th August - 7.30pm
members $8.00
non-members $12.00
students $5.00
Phil Garland
4th Sept - 7.30pm
members $15.00
non-members $20.00
students $5.00
Kylie Price
11th Sept - 7.30pm
members $10.00
non-members $15.00
students $5.00
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