Further reviews of Club night performances and accompanying photos can be viewed at:

'Gats, Gats and more GATS": Fingerpicking Delights by Geoff Anders

'Pulling the Ton': The Muddy Mama Blues Band by Tony Hale

Iain Mitchell  By Dave Hart

Fat Boy & Slim  By Marjorie Mitchell

Pictorial record of the Folk Club 40th Birthday  By Tracy Kolenchuk

Andrea Zonn, Love Goes On (CD)  By Geoff Skinner

Babelfish  By Jan Driscoll

Cam Ye Oér By Bus - A reflection from the South By Vic McDonald, New Edinburgh Folk Club

Darrell Scott, Live in NY (CD)  Reviewed by Christine Smith

Dave Hart & James Bowen  By Tony Kiesanowski

Delgirl  By Lynette-Diaz

Enda Kenny - Here and There (CD)  By Dave Hart

Emeralds and Greenstone  By Hamish Wilson
Graham Wardrop & Rosa Shiels  By Geoff Skinner

Hera  By Phillip Marshall

Johnny Possum's Goodtime Hottin Band  By Geoff Anders

Jon Hooker & James Wilkinson  By Jan Elliot

Compadres - James Keelahan & Oscar Lopez  By Jill Coe

Open Letter from Dunedin  By Richard Dingwall

Over The Rhine (CD)  By Larry Milnes

Port Fairy Folk Festival  By Lance Risk

Rural Delivery  By Margorie Mitchell

Ruth Wyand  By Isabella Miller Bell

Simon Kerr By Lynette-Diaz

Trouble  By Lorcan Bolster

The Two Jimmies  By Lynette-Diaz

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Folk Club Calendar
Graham Wardrop
19th March - 7.30pm - 9.30
$15 Members
$20 Non-members
$5 Students with ID

Kid's and Open Mic
26th March - 6.00 - Kids Open Mic,
7.30pm on - Open Mic
$2 Members - Kids Mic
$2 Non-members - Kids Mic
$5 Members - Open Mic
$5 Non-members - Open Mic
$5 Students with ID

Last Waltz
2nd April - 7.30pm - 9.30
$10 Members
$15 Non-members
$5 Students with ID

The Kilmarnock Edition
9th April - 7.30pm - 9.30
$10 Members
$12 Non-members
$5 Students with ID

Canterbury Folk Festival
14th - 17th April - Easter

Adults Weekend Pass - $140
Youth weekend pass - $80
Child weekend pass - $50
More option available

Club closed - Easter Weekend
Club Closed - Anzac weekend
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